About Conference
27-28 Jan

This alternative of finance and capital for projects is holding its first conference for the benefit of both the public and private sector’s investment industry and project holders’ community/centers in Iran.
In these challenging times for Iran and its economy a perfect platform for facilitating and guidance of local and foreign based investments to all ranges of existing projects, public, private, large and small, exists. The exchange was started more than a decade ago via the ministry of commerce but now a private entity. Its aim has always been to give access of capital to SMEs, which create wealth and prod 80-95%of GDP of any country, speedily and effectively … a breath of fresh air for a country challenged by bureaucracy with capital reaching deserving projects time consuming.
This conference will be bringing together all involved in the investment/finance industry in Iran as well as all project holders together with welcoming foreign companies and individuals pleased to be working with Iran with its vast range of opportunities.
All in all, we plan to add a few % to our GDP. You are welcome to join us.

The Registration Fee £777 (Pound sterling) Per Delegate



Persian Gulf Hall of Tehran Permanent International Fairground, Tehran, Iran